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Design and government are natural allies. 

Both seek to serve the people in meeting their fullest potential 
and in helping the nation achieve its highest aspirations. 

A restructured economy, rapidly advancing technology and 

increasingly diverse social and cultural environments combine 

to make our v/orld complex and difficult to understand. 

Good design can bring clarity and order to everyday life. 

It is a universal presence which impacts everyone. 

As the federal government responds to changes in society, 

technology, culture, and the economy, design can be an 

integral part of the process. It can illuminate the reinvention 

of our government - helping it operate internally more smoothly 

and efficiently, and making it more understandable 

and user-friendly to its citizen customers. 

Federal Design Achievement Awards illustrate some of 
the effective ways that the combination of art and science in design 

are serving both government and society. This year's projects 

demonstrate the strategic value of design in meeting environmental 

challenges, improving communities, educating and inspiring our 

citizens, solving human problems and advancing the cultural life 

of the nation. They are a tribute to the finest in our federal agencies 

and to designers whose vision, creativity and commitment are 

making government better able to fulfill its responsibilities to the 

people it serves. The National Endowment for the Arts is proud to 

honor these 11 projects and salute the federal agencies and 

designers who have improved the lives of so many Americans. 

Jane Alexander 


Notional Endowment for the Arts 


Donlyn Lyndon (chair), 
Principal, Lyndon/Buchanan 
Associates, Berkeley, CA 

Architecture and 
Interior Design 

Graham Gund (chair), 

President, Graham Gund Architects, 

Cambridge, AAA 

Beverly Russell, President, Beverly 
Russell Enterprises, New Paltz, NY 

Adele Naude Santos, Principal, 
Adele Naude Santos and Associates, 
San Diego, CA 

Dr. Sharon E. Sutton, Professor of 
Architecture, University of Michigan, 
Ann Arbor, Ml 

Jane Thompson, Principal, 
Thompson and Wood, Inc., 
Cambridge, MA 

Cynthia Weese, Dean, School of 
Architecture, Washington University, 
St. Louis, MO 

Amy Weinstein, Principal, 
Weinstein Associates, Architects, 
Washington, DC 

Graphic Design and 
Product/Industrial Design 

Richard Saul Wurman (chair). 
Chairman, TED Conferences, 
Nev/port, Rl 

Bryce Ambo, Principal, Bryce Ambo 
Graphic Design, Arlington, MA 

Robert Brunner, Director of 
Industrial Design, Apple Computer, 
Cupertino, CA 

Matthew Carter, Principal, Carter 
& Cone Type Inc., Cambridge, MA 

Nancye Green, Partner, 
Donovan & Green, New York, NY 

Richard Poulin, Principal, 
Richard Poulin Design Group Inc., 
New York, NY 

Patrick Whitney, Director, 
Institute of Design, Illinois Institute 
of Technology, Chicago, IL 

Lorraine Wild, Partner, ReVerb, 
Los Angeles, CA 

Landscape Architecture, 
Urban Design and Planning 

Everett L. Fly (chair), Principal, 
E.L. Fly & Associates/inc, 
San Antonio, TX 

Michael Barker, Executive Director, 
American Planning Association, 
Washington, DC 

Catherine Brown, Senior Fellow, 
Design Center for American Urban 
Landscape, University of Minnesota, 
Minneapolis, MN 


Guy Nordenson (chair), 
Founding Principal, Ove Arup & 
Partners, New York, NY 

Joseph P. Colaco, Partner-in- 
Charge, CBM Engineers, Inc., 
Houston, TX 

Virginia Fairweather, Editor-in-Chief, 
Civil Engineering, New York, NY 

Joe Passonneau, Principal, 
Joseph Passonneau & Partners, 
Washington, DC 


Architect of the Capitol 

Thurgood Marshall Federal Judiciary 
Building, Washington, DC 

Department off Agriculture 

A History of American Agriculture, 

Loess Hills Scenic Byway, 
Western Iowa 

Department off Commerce 

Economic Development 

Focus: HOPE Center for Advanced 
Technologies, Detroit, Ml 

Department off Deffense 

Department of the Air Force 

60K Loader Cab Interior 

Comprehensive Plan for Peterson 
Air Force Base, CO 

Modernism at Mid-Century: 
The Architecture of the United 
States Air Force Academy 

Department of the Army 

Backpack Personal Cooling System 

Environmental River Engineering 
on the Mississippi 

Fort Belvoir Real Property Master 
Plan, Fort Belvoir, VA 

Kenilworth Marsh Restoration, 
Anacostia River Maintenance 
Dredging, Washington, DC 

Marathon Battery Superfund Site 
Remedial Design, Cold Spring, NY 

Military District of Washington 
Historic Family Quarters Preserva- 
tion Program, Washington, DC 

Point Marion Lock Cofferdam, 
Point Marion, PA 

Sepulveda Basin: Lake Balboa Park 
& Wildlife Area, Los Angeles, CA 

TRADOC Communities of Excellence 
Program, Fort Monroe, VA 

Department of Education 

Prisoners of Time Report 

Department off Energy 

Solar Energy Research Facility, 
Golden, CO 

Department off Health 
and Human Services 

Food and Drug Administration 

FDA Food Label Design 

Department off Housing 
and Urban Development 

Daybreak Grove and Sunrise Place, 
Escondido, CA 

Lucerne Gardens, Boston, MA 

Redesign of Diggs Town, 
Norfolk, VA 

Department of the Interior 

Geological Survey 

Exploring Maps Teaching Packet 
Planetary Maps Poster 

National Park Service 

Augusta Canal Master Plan, 
Augusta, GA 

Barataria Environmental Education 
Center, Jean Lafitte National 
Historical Park and Preserve, 
New Orleans, LA 

Dorst Campground, 
Sequoia/Kings Canyon National 
Park, Three Rivers, CA 

The Double Arch Bridge of the 
Natchez Trace Parkv/ay, Franklin, TN 

Lowell Performance Pavilion, 
Lowell, MA 

National Law Enforcement Officers 
Memorial, Washington, DC 

Presidio General Management Plan, 
San Francisco, CA 

Rehabilitation of the Old State 
House, Boston, MA 

Sentinel Bridge, Yosemite National 
Park, CA 

Teaching with Historic Places 

Washington Monument Entry Level 
Lobby Renovation, Washington, DC 

Women's Rights National Historical 
Park, Wesleyan Chapel Block, 
Seneca Falls, NY 

Department of State 

Office of Foreign Building 

The Architectural Advisory Board, 
Washington, DC 

United States Embassy Chancery, 
Muscat, Oman 

Department of Transportation 

Federal Highway Administration 

Arizona Interstate Rest Area 

Dorst Campground, Sequoia/Kings 
Canyon National Park, Three Rivers, 

The Double Arch Bridge of the 
Natchez Trace Parkway, Franklin, 

The Interstate 90 Completion 
Project, Seattle, WA 

United States Naval Academy 
Bridge, Annapolis, MD 

River Relocation Project, 
Providence, Rl 

Sentinel Bridge, Yosemite National 
Park, CA 

Talmadge Memorial Bridge 
Replacement, Savannah, GA 

Walnut Street Bridge, 
Chattanooga, TN 

Federal Railroad Administration 

Amtrack AMD-103 Diesel 

Federal Transit Administration 

Bi-State Development Agency/Arts 
in Transit, St. Louis, MO 

Staples Street Station, Corpus 
Christi, TX 

Department of the Treasury 

Internal Revenue Service 

IRS Customer Service Guide 

Environmental Protection 

Marathon Battery Superfund Site 
Remedial Design, Cold Spring, NY 

Federal Deposit 
Insurance Corporation 

FDIC Employee Handbook 

Federal Emergency 
Management Agency 

Spreckels Temple of Music, 
San Francisco, CA 

General Services 

Byron White United States 
Courthouse, Denver, CO 

Enid A. Haupt Garden, 
Washington, DC 

Independence Square, 
Washington, DC 

Oakland Federal Building, 
Oakland, CA 

U.S. Border Station, 
International Falls, MN 

National Aeronautics 
and Space Administration 

Independence Square, 
Washington, DC 

Mission to Planet Earth Posters 

National Endowment 
for the Arts 

Bi-State Development Agency/Arts 
in Transit, St. Louis, MO 

Carlos Collazo 1956-1990 
Exposicion Homenaje, San Juan, 
Puerto Rico 

Loess Hills Scenic Byway, 
Western lov^a 

National Gallery of Art 

Publication Design at the 
National Gallery of Art, 
Washington, DC 

Exhibition Design at the 
National Gallery of Art: A Selection 
October 1991 -May 1994, 
Washington, DC 

Smithsonian institution 

Enid A. Haupt Garden, 
Washington, DC 

Produce for Victory: Posters on the 
American Home Front, 1941-45 

Washington, DC 

National Design Museum 

The Cooper-Hewitt Collections: 
A Design Resource, New York, NY 

The Edge of the Millennium: 
An International Critique of 
Architecture, Urban Planning, 
Product and Communication 
Design, New York, NY 

Mechanical Brides: Women and 
Machines from Home to Office, 
New York, NY 

Packaging the New: Design and 
the American Consumer 1925-75, 
New York, NY 

The Power of Maps, New York, NY 

Revolution, Life, and Labor: 
Soviet Porcelain (1918-1985), 
New York, NY 

A Royal Gift: the 1826 Porcelain 
Jewel Cabinet, New York, NY 

Hirshhorn Museum 
and Sculpture Garden 

Hirshhorn Museum Plaza 
Renovation and Landscaping, 
Washington, DC 

National Museum 

of the American Indian 

Master Facilities Program for the 
National Museum of the American 
Indian, Washington, DC 

National Postal Museum 

National Postal Museum, 
Washington, DC 

U.S. Holocaust Memorial 

U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, 
Washington, DC 

U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum 
Permanent Exhibition, 
Washington, DC 

U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum 
Artifact Posters, Washington, DC 

U.S. Postal Service 

National Postal Museum, 
Washington, DC 

Freer Gallery of Art 

and Arthur M. Sackler Gallery 

Freer Gallery of Art: 
Restoration and Reinstallation, 
Washington, DC 

FORllftf THE 


Federal Design Achievement Awards are the National 

Endowment for the Arts' highest awards in design. They 

are presented every four years as part of the Presidential 

Design Awards, which are administered by the Design 

Program of the National Endowment for the Arts.